Alpha 1 Studio, Inc.

creating beautiful

signage products for you

We are highly skilled and execute the industry's leading techniques using only high-end materials.
This image is a snapshot of our shop display containing older signs we have since replaced.

a full service

sign company

We offer top notch design and quality construction of any display. Our services include: signs, navigation systems
(wayfinding pointers), display cases, digital print banners, and a wide variety of custom furniture.

private, commercial, or industrial

lettering and design

We can work with any surface for your signage needs. Materials such as glass, acrylic, wood, aluminum, brass,
steel, and high density urethane (HDU) are commonly used. This image features shop examples.


to our website

...and the sign making world! This site is an open invitation to see the production and/or restoration process from start to finish. Please note the detailed descriptions of materials and techniques. We hope this sneak peek into what we do will help you to better understand your options, and assist in brainstorming the sign or display you would love to have. Thank you for visiting Alpha 1 Studio Inc.!


our company

Located in South Jersey, we have been servicing Delaware Valley for over 30 years. We offer top notch service and expert design. Our small but highly skilled staff provide the personal touch and quality craftsmanship you've been searching for. For more information about us, please click on the "About" page of our website and/or check out our Facebook page.


are you?

Are you a private home owner? Small business or large corporation? Local municipality, medical practice, church, or public institution? Our diverse client base has provided us with a wealth of signmaking experience that you can utilize! The secret to our success is simple: You. We are open to your creative ideas. We want you to be part of the process. We do it best, because of you!

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benefits when you hire us

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    If you're in a hurry or if it's an emergency situation, our team can accommodate your needs in a timely fashion. We pride ourselves on our expedience!

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    We utilize multiple tools of the trade including Apple computers and related software to design and implement the exact ideas you have in mind for your home or business.

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    Some sign companies can be eccentric or overestimate their own availability. You can depend on us for our services when you need them.

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    We are conscious of the financial strains that have affected our community in recent years. Thus, we offer reasonable estimates for your projects.

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